Department of Internal Medicine

Historical Background

The Department was established in 1982 with the admission of the first patient. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate residency training, in addition to clinical and community services. It is organized into eight sub-specialties headed by the various Heads of sub-specialty units, comprising University staff, who are Honorary Consultants to the UMTH and other Consultants that are primarily employed by the UMTH. Embedded in the Department are the Infectious Diseases and Immunology Department and the Kidney Centre, which have the full complement of staff and administration. The current Head of Department is Prof. M.A Garbati, who was appointed by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Maiduguri. The Department is linked to the University through the College of Medical Sciences which is headed by the Provost, assisted by his Deputy and four Deans of Faculties. The Head of Department is also answerable to the UMTH administration regarding clinical services and postgraduate training. There are two non-academic staff in the department with two under the employment of UMTH and three the University, 
For ease of administration, the Department is divided into eight (8) units; namely – Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrine and Metabolism, Gastroenterology, Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Nephrology, Neurology, and Pulmonology.

Heads of Department since inception

Serial No.    Name                                                                               Period
1                    Prof. Chuks (MBBS; FRCP)                                       1982-1986
2                    Dr. Sunday Bwala (MBBS; MRCP; FMCP)              1986-1988
3                    Dr. Eugene Ugwu (MBBS; MRCP)                           988-1992
4                    Prof. I.I Onyewotu (MBBS; FRCP)                            1992-1994
5                    Prof. Wadzani Gashau (MBBS; FWACP)                 1995
6                    Prof. Sunday Bwala (MBBS; FRCP, FMCP; FAS)    1995-2004
7                    Dr. Shetima Kagu Mustapha (MBBS; FWACP)       2004-2008
8                    Dr. Haruna Yusuph (MBBS; FMCP)                          2008-2012
9                    Dr. Ahmed Hammangabdo (MBBS; FWACP)        2012-2014
10                  Dr. Yakub Nyandaiti (MBBS; FMCP; FWACP)         2014-2016
11                   Dr. Faruk Buba (MBBS; FWACP)                              2016-2019
12                  Dr. Musa Garbati (MBBS; FMCP)                              2019
Since inception, the Department has trained several specialists in various fields. 

Units    Cardiology    Dermatology
/General Medicine    Endocrine, Diabetes, Metabolism    Gastroenterology    Infectious Diseases    Nephrology    Neurology    Pulmonology
Consultants     Prof. MA Talle (S/L)
Dr. C. Anjorin
Dr. F. Buba
Dr. BM Mohammed (visiting)    Dr. AA Ndahi    Dr. B. Mubi
Dr. I. Chiroma    Prof. Gashau 
Prof SK Mustapha (LOA)
Dr. I. Kida
Dr. A. Dayar    Prof. H. Yusuph
Prof. MA. Garbati
Dr. A. Ballah
Dr. A. Yerima    Prof. I. Ummate
Dr. M. Sulaiman    Prof. Y. Nyandaiti    Prof. H. Gabdo
Prof. B. Bakki
Dr. B. Alkali 
Senior Registrars    Dr. A. Galtimari
Dr. Z. Zakariya    Dr. HA.Jarma
Dr. JA. Idrisa (SUP)    Dr. A. Hassan
Dr. A. Mamza    Dr. MU. Shehu
Dr. Y. Abiola    Dr. M. Mohd (SUP)
Dr. A. Adamu
   Dr. U. Loskurima
Dr. M. Lawan (SUP)    Dr. M. Gadzama    Dr. A. Amali (SUP)
Registrars    Dr. A. Modibbo    ---    Dr. A. Tukur
Dr. H. Umar    Dr. Emeanwu HC    Dr. Modu 
Dr. Z. Jibrin    Dr. J. Turajo    Dr. M. Bwala    Dr. S. Chabiri

Medical Officers    Dr. Saeed 
Dr. Y Ogunlana.                             

Dr. C.O Anjorin - Head of Unit
Dr. Faruk Buba
Prof. M.A Talle
Dr. B.M Muhammed (Visiting) 

Senior Registrars
Dr. Ibrahim Galtimari
Dr. Zakiyya Zakariya

Junior Residents
Dr. A. Modibbo
Dr. Saeed 
Dr. Y Ogunlana

Dr. Akila Ndahi - Head of Unit
Dr. Aminu G Fikin (Visiting)

Senior Registrars
Dr. Hajara Jarma
Dr. Jamila Idirisa
Junior Residents

Dr. Bilkisu Mubi – Head of Unit
Dr. Chiroma Ijuptil
Senior Registrars
Dr. Hassan Abdulfattah
Dr. A. Mamza
Junior Residents
Dr. A. Tukur
Dr. H. Uma

Prof. Wadzani Gashau - Head of Unit
Prof. Mustapha Kagu
Dr. Ibrahim Kida
Dr. Ayuba Dayar
Senior Registrars
Dr. M.U Shehu
Dr. Yusuf Abiola
Junior Residents
Dr. Emeanwu HC

Prof. H. Yusuph - Head of Unit
Prof. M.A Garbati
Dr. A.D Ballah
Dr. A. Yerima
Senior Registrars
Dr. Mustapha Muhammed
Dr. Adamu Adamu
Junior Residents
Dr. Modu Shettima
Dr. Zainab Jibrin

Prof. Ibrahim Ummate - Head of Unit
Dr. Muhammed Sulaiman
Senior Registrars
Dr. U. Luskorima
Dr. Mustapha Lawan
Junior Residents
Dr. J. Turajo

Prof. Yakub Nyandaiti – Head of Unit
Dr. M.M Watila
Senior Registrars
Dr. Musa Gadzama
Junior Residents
Dr. M. Bwala

Prof. A. Hammangabdo – Head of Unit
Dr. M.B Alkali 
Dr. Bukar Bakki
Senior Registrars
Dr. Abdullahi Amali
Junior Residents
Dr. S. Chabiri

Medical officers:
Dr. Saeed
Dr. Yemisi Ogunlana

The Department provides in-patient and out-patient consultation services. The various specialized units also provide consultation services to patients admitted into other departments in the UMTH. 
In addition to patient - care, the Department also provides a fertile ground for the postgraduate training of doctors that want to specialize in any of the different sub-specialties of the Department that abound in the UMTH. The Department currently runs residency training programs in most of the sub-specialties, where residents undertake their complete rotations in UMTH.  
Apart from clinical services, the departmental staff are also engaged in providing community services. Due to the shortage of trained healthcare personnel in the nearby states, staff of the Department are also involved in the provision of the much-needed specialized consultation to hospitals under the Borno and Yobe State health services. This collaboration takes the essential specialist care to the doorsteps of those communities, without having to be referred to the UMTH, this, cuts down the long waiting time for expert consultation, if they were to be referred to UMTH for specialist care.

The various sub-specialties in the Department provide outpatient services throughout the week as follows:

DAY    CLINICS (9:00 AM – 12 NOON)
Mondays     Cardiology
Infectious diseases/immunology/HIV Clinics 
Tuesday     Nephrology
Wednesday     Neurology 
Infectious diseases/HIV clinics
Thursday     Cardiology 
Friday     Dermatology /Geriatrics