Department of Histopathology

Historical background 

The Department has been functioning and providing services and data for research since the inception of the hospital in 1983. The Department started with only one pathologist and continued to improve, currently with four Histopathologist and seven Medical Laboratory Scientist and the Department is backed with modern laboratory equipment.   Residency training in histopathology started in 2007 with full accreditation in both National Postgraduate Medical College and West African College of Physicians. The Department has always been a reference point for the accreditation of other clinical departments like Surgery, O & G, Paediatrics, ENT, Maxillofacial surgery and Medicine. Resident doctors from other departments that are laboratory based and clinical departments have been rotating successfully through the department.  Training of undergraduate BMLS students has been ongoing since 2003 in the department.
⦁    Services: Clinic days/Time
The Department is both academic and service oriented since inception in 1983. A wide range of diagnostic services is available in the Histopathology Department. Although state - of - the  - art Tech. is not fully available, specialized pathology services and active research in collaboration with other clinical departments is also available as a service. Currently the diagnostic services are limited to light microscopy, frozen section and immunohistochemistry. 
Specialized areas covered by the department include:
⦁    General pathology
⦁    Bone and Breast pathology
⦁    Dermatopathology
⦁    Gastrointestinal and Hepatic pathology
⦁    Genitourinary pathology
⦁    Gynaecologic pathology
⦁    Endocrine pathology
⦁    Head, Neck and Respiratory pathology
⦁    Neuropathology
⦁    Ophthalmic pathology
⦁    Paediatric pathology
⦁    Renal and Soft tissue pathology
⦁    Cytopathology
⦁     Autopsy services (Both Hospital and Coroner’s autopsies)

The Department provides Histopathology report (which is the gold standard) will indicate a treatment regime to the responsible clinician but we do not actually treat patients directly. We differentiate between cancer and non-cancer and characterized the cancers to allow the most appropriate treatment to be selected. 

Staffs List/Rank:
Human Resources 

Professor U. H. Pindiga, MBBS, FWACP, FCPath (ECSA)    08065704057
Professor H. A. Nggada, MBBS, FMCPath, FCPath (ECSA), FICS    08023586233
Dr. Abba Zarami Bukar, MBBS, FMCPath    07035969496
Dr. Abba Kabir, MBBS, FMCPath    08034938433
Resident Doctors
Dr. Mohammed Abe Abdullahi, Senior Registrar    08067353171
Dr. Elizabeth Chiroma, Senior Registrar     07064719887
Dr. Haruna Tarfa, Registrar    08139182480

Administrative Staff
S/No.     SP/JP No.    Name    Rank

1.    SP 2331    Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim    Administrative Officer II
2.    JP 3202    Adamu Yusuf    Clerical Assistant
3.    SP 1128    Shatu Ibrahim (Contract)    Secretarial Assistant I
4.    JP 5940    Mohammed K. Salihu (UNIMAID)    Computer Operator I
5.    SP 10822    Zanna Babagana Bukar (UNIMAID)    Administrative Assistant
6.    SP 3267    Benjamin P. Toma    Scientific Officer
7.    SP 3726    Baba Kaka Yale    Scientific Officer II  
8.    SP 3719    Abubakar Alhaji Saleh    Scientific Officer II

Technical Staff
S/No.     SP/JP No.    Name    Qualification    Rank

1.    SP 1455    Alhaji Bukar Musa     B.Sc., M.Sc., AMLSCN    Chief Med. Lab. Scientist  
2.    LAB/295    Modu Ahmed     B.Sc., AMLSCN    Senior Med. Lab. Scientist 
3.     LAB/363    Ngamarju Apagu Satumari    BMLS, M.Sc., AMLSCN    Prin. Med. Lab. Scientist 
4.    SP 2420    Aisha Babakura Imam    BMLS, M.Sc., AMLSCN    Prin. Med. Lab. Scientist
5.    LAB/381    Hassan Musa Chiwar    BMLS, AMLSCN    Snr. Med. Lab. Scientist
6.    SP 2892    Khadija AdamuZakari    BMLS, AMLSCN    Snr. Med. Lab. Scientist
7.    SP 987    Mohammed Kotoko    BMLS, AMLSCN    Snr. Med. Lab. Scientist
8.    SP 3367    Talatu Aliyu Kurason    BMLS, AMLSCN    Snr. Med. Lab. Scientist
9.    SP 3745    Hajara Tijani Elmiskin    BMLS, AMLSCN    Med. Lab. Scientist
10.     SP 2029    Hassana Adamu    MLT    Med. Lab. Technician 
11.    SP 1959    Aisha Mohammed Zoaka    MLT    Med. Lab. Technician
12.    SP 2697    Hyelni Katsalla    MLA    Med. Lab. Assistant
13.    JP 5375    Amina Tayib Alkali    National Diploma    Asst. Sci. Lab. Tech.
14.    JP 5372    Musa Mustapha    National Diploma    Asst. Sci. Lab. Tech.
15.    JP 4509    Aisha M. Babangida    National Diploma    Med. Lab. Assistant
16.    JP 4488    Rukayyat M. Barkindo    National Diploma    Med. Lab. Assistant
17.    JP 3479    Ahmed Abunasib        Lab. Assistant
18.    JP 3079    Abdullahi Garba    SSCE    Lab. Attendant 
19.    JP 3005    Abubakar Idris Usman    SSCE    Lab. Attendant 
20.     JP 3009    Ibrahim Goni    SSCE    Lab. Attendant  
21.    JP 2718    Dauda Umaru    Mortuary Assistant     Head Mortuary Assistant 
22.    JP 2609    Ibrahim Lakumna    Mortuary Assistant    Higher Mortuary Assistant  
23.    JP 1832    Abatcha Mohammed     Mortuary Assistant     Head Mortuary Attendant 
24.     JP 2748    Zanna Bukar Mala     Diploma     Senior Mortuary Attendant 
25.     JP 2746    Babagana Goni    SSCE    Head Mortuary Attendant 
26.     JP 2874    Mahmud Tahir     SSCE    Senior Mortuary 
27.     JP 2875    Wadzani D. Mamza    SSCE    Senior Mortuary Assistant 
28.    JP 2785    Gambo Mohammed     FSLC    Senior Porter 
29.    JP 2476    Aishatu Adamu Jumma    -    Head Mortuary Attendant 
30.    JP 3198    Yashuwa Tijjani    JSSC    Senior Mortuary Attendant 
31.    JP 3260    Aisha Mohammed     FSLC    Senior Mortuary Attendant 
32.    JP 3261    Aisha Mamman    SSCE    Senior Mortuary Attendant 
33.    JP 3520     Ibrahim Abdullahi Umar     SSCE    Mortuary Attendant 
34.    JP 3523    Mohammed Garba Gidado    SSCE    Mortuary Attendant 

⦁    Notable achievement of Department

⦁    Successful training and graduation of consultant histopathologists two of whom have been appointed on permanent basis
⦁    Training of other cadres of laboratory staff. 
⦁    The procurement of Leica tissue processing machine and diagnostic Leica DM 750 microscope fitted with camera and flat screen TV monitor. 
⦁    Commencement of immunohistochemistry. 
⦁    Complete overhauling of mortuary fridges/freezers and procurement of new cadaver lifters and mortuary trolleys